About Us

The European company carries out training of drivers of trucks with the further employment in Europe.


  • Experience as a driver – truck driver.

  • Possession of a foreign language (English or German) is higher than the entry level.

  • CE Driving License.

  • Driver card (chip card) for digital tachograph.

  • ADR.


  • Practice of truck driving (tank).

  • Chip the driver card for the tachograph.

  • Work with the on-board computer of a truck.

  • Learning foreign languages.

  • Safety study.

SCHEDULE OF WORK (optional):

  • 3 weeks of work – 1 week weekend,

  • 6 weeks of work – 2 week weekend,

  • 12 weeks of work – 3 weeks weekend.


Payment for training and the production of documents (working visa) is carried out at the expense of the employer company.

During the training, the out-of-town housing is provided.